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chang xin parquet floor craft unique distinctive

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looking around today's flooring market , "80" , "90" became the dominant factor in consumption , more intense their demand for personalized products ! aesthetic ideas of young people more vulnerable to the impact of multicultural constantly , fashion , pop psychographic elements directly on the floor but also the purchase of the product . chang yan floor for the individual needs of young people launched a series of rich colors , funky parquet flooring , it would not live up to your expectations !

chang xin parquet flooring come from every one skilled designers and craftsmen , who according to different species, different textures and colors take carving wood , carving , grinding, hot and so different manual process . parquet complex process, and some complex patterns require a variety of different flooring materials for stitching job complicated process also achieved a unique quality cheong hin parquet flooring.
chang xin parquet floor craft unique distinctive decorative effect
chang xin parquet flooring using different types of wood , color and texture , stitching the changing shape and pattern , so as to achieve different decorative effects . parquet distinctive decorative effect , strong sense of three-dimensional pattern , or simple random or calm atmosphere, suitable for use with garden , classic, simple european and other kinds of interior design styles.
chang xin parquet floor craft unique distinctive


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